Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Crystal Method, House of Blues, Dallas

The electronic music band, The Crystal Method, played at House of Blues - Dallas (cool balcony photo) last night on their Divided By Night tour. I've been a fan of TCM since I first heard them on Total Trip Hop, and this is the second time I've been to their show (the other was at Lizard Lounge last fall). I took my friend, Kate, with whom we both share love for electronic music and for getting our groove on the dance floor.

The opening act was a DJ named L.A. Riots, who had intersting voice effects in his mixes. A good warm up, to be sure. Our seats were on the balcony (the only tickets available at the time), but we migrated down to the floor when TCM came on. We passed the sound engineering/VIP area on the floor, but Kate stepped in and got us a good spot next to a rail. We had an excellent view of the stage, but w/o the crush of the crowd. TCM played some new material, as well as some of their hits. They really know how to pump up the crowd, and put on an excellent show.

During the show, one of the lighting engineers started to give us bottled water. Much needed, considering we were wet with sweat half way thru the show. After the show, Kate and I stuck a conversation with him and he told us about the lighting he had been operating. During the conversation, this couple who had been sitting behind us approached and gave Kate a pass to the meet-n-greet upstairs with the band. Sweet! We eventually made our way to the elevator for the ride up to the VIP lounge. Others filed in to the elevator, including band member, Scott Kirkland! Since I didn't have a pass, I hid behind the rest of the group and they smuggled me into the lounge.

The VIP lounge is decorated with an East Indian decor, including incense and Kama Sutra art work. Kate and I hung out there for awhile and eventually got to meet the band. Fortunately, we still had our tickets, and both band members, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland autographed them for us.

So that was our experience at the TCM show. Not bad for having started out with just balcony seats! The Lizard Lounge show was also off the hook, so that makes 2/2 awesome experiences at TCM shows. I'll be sure to catch them when they come around again.

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